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Purchase Solutions offers a service for quality assurance of your company´s accounts payable ledger. We identify anomalies that have led to a cost to supplier invoices back in time.

By correcting the identified anomalies, lost capital can be returned, and profits improved. Through our proprietary program, PS Analysing Tool, our service means minimal effort from our customers. We run the whole process in relation to all counter-parties such as Tax Agency, suppliers and any other counter-parties until the full amount has been returned. Our service is entirely commission based and consequently involves no financial risk.

An important focus for us is that our audit of your supplier invoices must result in you enjoying a better quality of you existing payment process. Our summary will highlight how and where anomalies have occured, and will recommend steps for you to rectify any leaks.

As the flow of supplier invoices is automated at companies, a higher risk of incorrect costs is incurred, and capital is lost. Our program identifies these anomalies.

- VAT differences
- Double payments
- Overpayment
- Incorrect currency
- Incorrectly processed credit invoice
- Irregularities

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